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Specialise in overhouling, repairing and servicing of Air Compressor

Welcome to Mitsui Seiki Thailand

maintenance for all types of MITSUI SEIKI Air Compressors, Sales. Services. Parts. Rental Mitsui Seiki Thailand was provides specialized technical services and related support for the upkeep and sustaining effective operation of compressed air equipment so essential for industrial applications in manufacturing plant facilities.

The principal activity of the company is to provide periodic preventive intenance for all types of MITSUI SEIKI Air Compressors, the smallest scroll types, and Z screw types, Oil Free types & Oil Flooded types Air Compressors up to 300 HP capacity most normally engaged by most factories.

Advancing oil - free technologies for greater energy efficiency
Perfectly clean air and high efficiency are the key to lower costs and improve environmental friendliness.

Compressors account for 20 to 30% of factory power consumption. It could thus be said that conserving energy at factory starts with energy-efficient compressors. Today, there is greater demand than ever before for environmental friendliness and lower costs, and as a result, energy saving is the greatest challenge facing compressors.

We have worked tirelessly to meet this challenge since we unveiled the water lubricated oil-free compressor which was a world's first compressor mechanism in 1982. These compressors do not need any oil. This eliminates energy loss from oil filters, and reduces waste oil, which is a type of industrial waste. We have also achieved an extremely high operating efficiency by using water as the lubricating medium in our unique compressor mechanism. Our Oil Free Compressors deliver the clean air and outstanding environmental performance demanded by industry and the planet.

Our secrets to greatly reduced power consumption: our unique Z Screw and water lubrication

Energy efficiency is set to become the greatest demand placed on compressors. In order to meet this demand, it is first necessary to prevent air-intake leaks, energy loss, and mechanical loss. Mitsui Seiki's unique compression mechanism formed by our Z Screw and water lubrication system clear these hurdles at a high level. These advances have reduced energy consumption by levels never before achieved.

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Specialise in overhouling, repairing and servicing of Air Compressor

Air Piping System-servey, design and installation

Your air compressor is the heart of your air system.Most customers focus on the compressor and consider the piping as a secondary concern.  However, just like a heart can fail because of clogged arteries, a compressor can fail because of improper piping.

Maintenance , repairs for all type & Gunius part

Rely on our skilled technicians to repair your compressor, whether it is not working properly, is making noises, or needs routine maintenance. Our technicians service all makes and models, offering a free evaluation, comparative labor rate, and all the necessary parts. You receive a warranty on our services to help you save money.

Rental of air compressor
24/7 support , fast service

Available 24/7, we can be there to quickly service your compressor and reduce downtime.  An experienced service team, fully equipped shop, extensive parts inventory, service vehicles for on-site repairs and a rental fleet to keep you up and running are just a few reasons why MITSUI SEIKI is unmatched in the industry

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